Friday, January 6, 2012


I learned...that Jane really does have faith in me and felt 100% comfortable with me at the helm while she was sick.

Something great that happened was...Jane was back! Even though it went so well the past 3 days it was great to have back-up and everything back to normal today!

Something challenging that happened was...Shane and Max goofing off and not staying focused during working with words.

A question I have is...did I explain how to write their all about books well enough to let result in a great finished product?

I wonder about...if the powers at be had any clue that I was rocking it on my own this past week...

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  1. my husband teaches a greade 5/6 class of 29 kids, and all the things you are dealing with I hear from him too... Hats off to you dear people that take other people's treasures and polish them for the kingdom... God will have a special crown all your own and it will be radiant! Cheers! and God Bless your year with these kids and in your studies!