Thursday, May 31, 2012


I learned...that one way to captivate a class of first graders is to race liquids!

Something great that happened...Malachi wanting to show everyone his chart at the end of the day to share his perfect day!

Something challenging that happened...not being able to get through to Bhavya when he is upset, I know it's not just me, but it's difficult.

A question I have Neila's plan no longer working for her?

I awesome it will be next year when so many teachers at Heath start using centers in math!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I learned...that having no lunch break today was totally worth it to play guess my word with Bhavya such a wonderful memory I now have. Something great that happened...hearing Daniel and Jonathan read through "My New Pet" with such ease! Something challenging that happened...being alone during lunch and trying to get Connor out from under the table and get him a lunch. I felt so stretched. A question I have...what causes kids to loose it as the year ends... I wonder...if they'll ever learn how to spell "be"...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I learned...that the ability to answer questions about a fiction text can be quite challenging for some students.

Something great that happened...being able to have a great laugh while reading June B. Jones with the kids, I never was a fan of those books but now I am!

Something challenging that happened...seeing Sara have such difficulty with answering the question packet for Marvin Redpost.

A question I do I help kids like Sara and Nico learn to read a fiction text for meaning and comprehension?

I wonder...they'll remember basic addition tomorrow during morning meeting.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I learned...if you give a group of ready-for-summer-break-first-graders the letters "b" "oo" "t"and "y" in making words you will have to tell them an infinite amount of time to NOT make the word booty.

Something great that happened...seeing the amazing, appropriate words, the kids came up with and I considered the letter selection more challenging!

Something challenging that happened...seeing Shane totally unaware of his body throughout the day, it clearly is distressing to him too.

A question I Malachi really learning off of the Lexia program or is another computer game to him?

I wonder...if all the Spanish they have learned this year will be retained over the summer.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I learned...that reflecting back on what it felt like on the 16th day of school with 16 days to go was a sweet and special moment to savor with the kids this morning.

Something great that happened...the kids did SO well on the end of the year math assessment! Over half of them got every one correct and everyone else only missed a few problems!

Something challenging that many kids having such insane cases of the sillies and spring fever, oy!

A question I much learning is actually getting into their brains at this point?

I much community we can maintain as we head into summer.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I learned...with the right cocktail of encouragement and faith, any child can turn their week/day around behaviorally.

Something great that happened...seeing Marty be so kind and supportive to Malachi and ask him how many stars he got for his reward! It is amazing to see how the other kids have become "cheerleaders" for the kids who need it most.

Something challenging that happened..seeing Bhavya get so upset, but not dangerously angry, about not being able to checkout a new library book since his other one was missing.

A question I there a better way to get Neila the positive appreciation and attention she clearly desires?

I the kids will do on the Math EOYA tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I learned...that having first graders write juicy sentences is harder than you think!

Something great that happened...watching the kids have so much fun in gym with the parachute games! Super old school and super fun.

Something challenging that happened...getting so much back talk and sass from Neila and my just getting so frustrated with her and probably snapping back a few times, too.

A question I some of the silly/rude/fresh behaviors that we are seeing because the end of the year is so near?

I wonder...if we'll ever have all 19 kids here again before the end of the year.

Monday, May 21, 2012


I learned...the sillies are so so contagious. Something great that happened...seeing Bhavya come back after being away for a week and have such a great day. Something challenging that happened...having to make Jack take so many breaks, it's frustrating that he has gotten so silly lately. A question that I do we deal end if the year silliness and nerves? I wonder...if everyone will begin to unravel as we get closer to the end of the year...

Friday, May 18, 2012


I learned...that only having 11 children makes for a calm and really nice Friday.

Something great that happened...seeing Shane, Jonathan, and Connor come up with such great words with a slightly challenging set of letters!

Something challenging that happened...Nicki going outside on her own to find Ms. Jackson and really having no clue what was wrong with that.

A question I losing choice time always a way to get a child to understand they really did something wrong?

I much learning will actually get done in the last 20 (!) days...

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I learned....that sometimes teachers are better judges of when a child is sick than the nurse.

Something great that happened...seeing the kids have so much fun exploring with mirrors and flashlights. Reminded me of my science days.

Something challenging that happened...catching Neila with a paperclip in her mouth and the subsequent attitude came with that.

A question I have...why have Connor and Neila suddenly gotten so silly/rude again?

I wonder...why strep spreads like wild fire but not the flu...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I learned...that sometimes no matter how hard you try a child will work to sabotage themselves.

Something great that happened...sitting with Marty and playing a game during math, it was great to see how quick he is with his subtraction facts.

Something challenging that happened...Nicki being so darn distracted during math today. Is she really out to lunch or is there something else going on?

A question I I too quick to question Neila's actions sometimes or does she need tough love?

I wonder...if strep has stopped its tour of 1L.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I learned...that if you give a child a sticker their imagination will run wild!

Something great that happened...seeing the kids loving the word finds I made.

Something challenging that happened...Connor having such a hard time with things today.

A question I have...are computer rewards the right choice for everyone right now?

I wonder...if the questions I'm writing for my reading group are helping them read in the text.

Monday, May 14, 2012


I learned...that only having 13 children is a shocking, but pleasant change to the normal chaos of the day.

Something great that happened...seeing Connor do so well reading during reading groups, he's come such a long way.

Something challenging that happened...having Neila and Malachi talk back to me all day long, you'd think I was teaching teenagers, with the amount of attitude they give me.

A question I Malachi's plan really working at an intrinsic level or is just barely scratching the surface.

I wonder...if we are a petri dish for strep right now.

Friday, May 11, 2012


I learned...that hanging out in the breakspot is a great place to listen to a kid's thoughts.

Something great that happened...having fun exploring mirrors and other reflective surfaces with Tanya. Such a fun exploration.

Something challenging that happened...the kids overall just testing our patients. So unusual for all 19 of them to do this.

A question I have...why has this plan, with the breaks and points, been the one to work for Bhavya?

I it will go tomorrow with one less pairs of hands.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I learned...that first graders come up with adorable mother's day coupons, the moms will love them!

Something great that happened...seeing Bhavya enjoy doing the questions for Marvin Redpost, and doing really well at it.

Something challenging that happened...Max and Daniel lying to me about the website they had been on, but history doesn't lie.

A question I have...why has Max been so off lately?

I our science lesson with Tanya will go tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I learned...that even though he may seem to have a hard time keeping it together, Malachi clearly learned during our science unit on shadows!

Something great that happened...figuring out a way to make sure that Bhavya is really reading rather than speed skimming through books, I'm excited to see if it works.

Something challenging that happened...having to get hard on Max, Jeremy, and Daniel and have them loose choice time. Not fun to play bad cop.

A question I have...does taking away choice time actually work for kids?

I cute the mother's day tickets will be!

Monday, May 7, 2012


I learned...that some sun, great weather, and a new week is sometimes all you need.

Something great that happened...having so much fun just playing with the kids at Eliot park during our gym period. So grateful for the down time with them!

Something challenging that happened...trying to find the best way to manage and track Malachi's behavior, it's a tough nut to crack.

A question I have...(out of left field here) do the florescent lights really affect the kiddos?

I wonder...if his behavior will get better now that his dad is home.

Friday, May 4, 2012


I learned...that some days are going to be tough, but that I work with some really supportive people who are there for me on the tough days.

Something great that happened...the kids doing a great job using the cameras to capture objects making shadows.

Something challenging that happened...Malachi's behavior incident spiraling from a small issue into a whole other can of worms.

A question I have...where did I go wrong today?

I wonder...what the fall out from this will be...

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I learned...that rain plus a half day plus beginning of the end jitters make it so that the inmates are running the asylum.

Something great that happened...realizing that Marty is back to the fun, kind, not cocky Marty from earlier in the year. It was so fun just chatting with him during snack today.

Something challenging that happened...the whole incident with Malachi, the chair, the forehead, and the bump. Teacher fail. But I did follow through.

A question I have...whose fault is it for what happened upstairs with the chair and forehead incident?

I wonder...if Malachi's parents will be p.o-ed at me....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I learned...that seeing the reading progress a child, who spoke 4 words of English on the first day of school, is just a great way to start the morning.

Something great that happened...seeing the kids so excited and involved in making their shadow puppets! They came out so great.

Something challenging that happened...dealing with a bad case of "not living the first 65 times" today. Even kids who usually listen the first time had forgotten how to listen today!

A question I do you keep from using an annoyed or angry tone when you really are feeling that way? Or is it okay to show the children how you are feeling when appropriate?

I wonder...if the sun will come out eventually for our shadow exploration...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I learned...that if you give a child a flashlight, there is a small chance they will try to shine it through there head to see if light passes from ear to ear...

Something great that happened...being able to be firm with Connor, but also allow him time to come to math when he was ready. I think we both felt successful!

Something challenging that happened...almost having to follow through with Malachi on going to Ms. Wilson's office. Thankfully he chose wisely.

A question I do I work with Bhavya to make sure he is reading for meaning during reading groups.

I our shadow exportation will go tomorrow if it's going to be cloudy...