Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I learned...that sometimes you can't help but laugh at/with the kids. Better than blowing steam, right?

Something great that happened was...being able to help Ava figure out the tough math problems without giving away the answer, hard but I was able to manage it.

Something challenging that happened was...having Neila get so mad at me when I called her over to ask her why she shouted at Shane. Clearly it's all my fault.

A question I have is...was I too tough on Marty when I told him to leave him football in the basket? Or if I made Shane do it, Marty needs to too?

I wonder...when our plants will start to grow!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I learned...that using reader's theater is a great way to spice up reading groups for all those involved!

Something great that happened was...beginning to give Malachi the WJ-III and feeling really great about it and having him not fight me on it.

Something challenging that happened was...possibly jumping the gun with Malachi about swatting at Neila, maybe I over reacted, but it looked like he was trying to slap her.

A question I have is...what is the best way to respond to "stupid questions" because let's face it there is such a thing as a stupid question.

I wonder...if the kids will predict what will grow in our mystery pots.

Monday, February 27, 2012


I learned...that for some children, two weeks away, helps them remember how we behave in school, a welcome return to decorum!

Something great that happened was...seeing Jonathan do so well with writing today - his thoughts came to him so easily in English and he only needed me to write them down so he could copy them himself! How far we've come even since January!

Something challenging that happened was...feeling stretched thin while trying to help Malachi, Sara, and Daniel with story problems at math today. I didn't know who to give my attention to!

A question I have do you know when you can push a child to do tougher work and when they really can't do it and when they are just trying to get out of it?

I there are only 72 days left of school!?

Friday, February 17, 2012


I learned...that maybe Elaine doesn't mind me too much, after all!

Something great that happened was...helping Jack with some tough math today and seeing him get it and figure out ways to help him solve basic multiplication problems.

Something challenging that happened was...having to retell to Malachi the plan for the day 15 times and have him get so upset about part of it, despite our attempts at previewing numerous times.

A question I have is...will I be able to really bring in more prompts and activities to my E reading group?

I well rested we will be after vacation...

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I learned...that the alien greeting really, really, bugs me. Particularly at 8am.

Something great that happened was...seeing Connor do so well during the math station he was so hesitant to go to!

Something challenging that happened was...trying to get Bhavya to understand that he cannot laugh at others but then get so mad when they may laugh at him (or not as the case tends to be).

A question I have is...what is going on in Malachi's head?

I wonder...will Daniel, Shane, and Malachi pull it together for my observation tomorrow?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I learned...that an entire class experiencing an adrenaline drain leads to a really calm rest of the day...

Something great that happened was...the kids doing so well on their folktales performances!

Something challenging that happened was...having Bhavya try to flee the room when I was alone with the kids.

A question I have is...was it right of me to tell Bhavya he had to apologize today or during center tomorrow?

I my lesson on the computer will go tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I learned...that getting valentines from 19 little kiddos is the sweetest thing ever.

Something great that happened was...seeing Shane be successful working on a math sheet in the hallway. It was great to see him focus, and be proud of how he was able to focus.

Something challenging that happened was...the kids being insane during our dress rehearsal. I don't know if it was nerves or the holiday, but yikes stripes!

A question I have do I help my reading group answer their questions without really doing too much for them?

I wonder...if the kids will pull it together for their parents tomorrow?

Monday, February 13, 2012


I learned...that post-it notes used during an assessment cannot be subpoenaed since they are your own notes that can be removed form the test documents.  

Something great that happened was...starting a new week with a fresh slate and having a much better go of it.

Something challenging that happened was...having Shane be down right rude to me when I was asking him to stop certain behaviors.

A question I have is...when is it rudeness and when is it a part of inattention and hyperactivity?

I our Valentines day celebration will be tomorrow.

Friday, February 10, 2012


I learned...that some days are tough. Even after 100 days, some days are just, tough.

Something great that happened was...being able to use quarters to help Ava learn how to split 150 in half. I think she got it, really got it, better than if I had just told her.

Something challenging that happened was...feeling like I was a total failure today.

A question I have is...what am I doing wrong?

I wonder...if I really am competent - can I really manage a classroom...

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I learned...that you can spend two fun hours celebrating the 100th day of school and the kids have no idea they are actually learning!

Something great that happened was...seeing the kids have so much fun celebrating the 100th day and get so into counting out 100 things! I hope they are always this energized on the 100th day!

Something challenging that happened was...still have to remind some of the kids how to behave, maybe it was all the excitement, but some of them have forgotten how first graders behave.

A question I have is...when are kids "crushing" on each other and when is it becoming teasing?

I the next 80 days will go and how much more the kids will grow by then.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I learned...that 99 days into the school year, its normal to have to review the rules and talk about how we act.

Something great that happened was...having Bhavya do so well pushing me on the tire swing, not to mention getting to play on the tire swing with the kids!

Something challenging that happened was...having to handle the situation between Connor and his dad this afternoon. I know I handled it well, but it was challenging and stressful.

A question I have will my boys doing reading next Friday when Elaine comes?

I quickly the last 80 days of school will go...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I learned...watching six and seven year olds act out folktales is pretty hilarious.

Something great that happened was...administering the CTOPP and it going so smoothly and being able to score it easily!

Something challenging that happened was...having the whole class be so ornery and out of control at 8:15 this morning. I felt like I had no power over them and they wouldn't respect or listen to me.

A question I have is...why do full moons really affect kids (and adults)?

I wonder about...if they will remember how to behave on the 99th day of school...

Monday, February 6, 2012


I learned...that sometimes first graders can be downright mean over nothing.

Something great that happened was...playing on the structure with the kids today and playing some basketball as well. Nothing like impressing your class before 10am on a Monday.

Something challenging that happened was...seeing Marty not want to play with Connor, for no apparent reason.

A question I have is...when do you get involved when a child refuses to include another child?

I wonder Bhavya will do with the new upheaval in his life...

Friday, February 3, 2012


I learned...that even at age 6.5 Malachi realizes that he isn't getting everything in the classroom. It's heartbreaking, but also encouraging to see that he can realize this.

Something great that happened was...seeing Malachi do so much better on his BOYA! Only getting a few problems wrong, but being close on them, so great to see progress.

Something challenging that happened was...having the kids all picked up the tattling bug. I mean really, where does this come from?

A question I have is...why you have to be 7 to be tested for CAPD, isn't that wasting valuable treatment time?

I wonder Bhavya will do with no recess next week.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I learned...that even first graders know that pulling a poor groundhog out of its hole to "predict" the end of winter is lame and not probable.

Something great that happened was...a fabulous field trip to the puppet theater, the kids were great, the show was great, we all had fun!

Something challenging that happened was...have Max and Shane being so mean to Nicki in the block area, six year olds saying someone's rear end is too big, really?

A question I have do you deal with a child that may fabricate the truth quite a bit during share time? Do you let it slide so he'll share?

I wonder about...why Neila has suddenly slipped with her behavior.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I learned...that I am giving good positive reinforcement to Malachi, because when he was the "teacher" today he gave me and Marsha the same type of feedback, "you got it!" and "correct!" Pretty adorable!

Something great that happened was...playing soccer with the boys during recess. Way to help me feel like a kid again!

Something challenging that happened was...having Connor not want to go help clean up the blocks and having to tell him that if he didn't he wouldn't be able to have blocks at all tomorrow.

A question I have is...did I threaten Connor or was that setting expectations?

I wonder our field trip will be tomorrow, I know I'm excited!