Monday, April 30, 2012


I learned...that playing four sqaure with the kids at recess is just so much fun.

Something great that happened...seeing the class generate a ton of "oa" words during working with words, they floored me!

Something challenging that happened...Bhavya and his new know-it-all tendencies, just so rude and annoying.

A question I do I deal with Bhavya's new know-it-all tendencies in a polite yet firm manner.

I I will do tomorrow.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I learned...that when down a few kids, the entire dynamic of a group changes, drastically.

Something great that happened...hearing the amazing words the kids came up with during working with words, they may have created some that I hadn't come up with!

Something challenging that happened...the whole incident with Connor outside after morning recess, it just put a damper on the whole day.

A question I have...when is it okay to chase a child?

I wonder...if Connor will take it easy on me when I am alone next Friday...

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I learned...that if you give a kid with poor proprioception skills a yard stick you are likely going to be smacked in the head a few times with it.

Something great that happened...seeing the kids really able to have a true science discussion today, they are really growing up!

Something challenging that happened...everything go so well until 1:47 when Bhavya attacked Connor. You blink and it happens.

A question I do we deal with the other kids being so absorbed by the other kids' rewards?

I wonder...if yesterday was just a blip for Malachi...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I learned...that it is so hard to read parents, well, some parent, more than others.

Something great that happened...watching Annabelle be so helpful with Daniel and Shane during math centers. She is just a natural with them.

Something challenging that happened...having Malachi be so unhappy and uncooperative today with pretty much everything.

A question I have...what Daniel would be like today had he been held back in Kindergarden?

I wonder...why Malachi is so hot and cold about everything...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I learned...that first graders throw awesome "retirement" parties for word wall words.

Something great that happened...Malachi's new behavior plan leading to a very successful day and a very happy Malachi!

Something challenging that happened...dealing with Daniel's constant eye-rolling and entitlement.

A question I have...will Daniel's mother want to "hear" how he can be less than charming in the classroom?

I wonder...what will happen on May 1st at 10:30...

Monday, April 23, 2012


I learned...that even when it's pouring rain and a new moon, on the first day back from vacation doesn't mean it's going to be a wash out!

Something great that happened...having so much fun measuring the width of the classroom for some of the kids during math!

Something challenging that happened...seeing Connor get pretty upset over me asking him to leave Legos because he couldn't actually focus and use the legos correctly.

A question I have...will Malachi's new behavior plan help him feel less defeated?

I our shadow unit will go.

Friday, April 13, 2012


I learned...that it is so hard to stick to your guns and keep a straight face with a child who is being utterly ridiculous.

Something great that happened...watching Bhavya be able to regulate himself after he got upset during recess. Such amazing progress.

Something challenging happened...trying to rearrange the seats in the classroom so that everyone is in a better spot for them and the rest of the class.

A question I have is...will Connor really want the new spot he chose when he gets to school tomorrow?

I wonder...if they will get enough paperclips before the other classes are watching the movie.


I learned...that sometimes on the day before vacation, the only direct instruction the children gets is their Spanish class...

Something great that happened...having a pretty relaxing last day before vacation with the kids, in our PJs, reading and watching a movie.

Something challenging that happened...Connor having such a hard time coming in from recess for art, but he was able to use his words and did come in on his own, eventually!

A question I have is...will we all come back after vacation, rested and refreshed for the last 40 (!) days of school?

I much fun we will have during our shadows unit!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I learned...that sometimes the only way to deal with insane behavior days is to laugh it off.

Something great that happened...having the kids love the last science lesson so much! Hearing Jack proclaim, "this is the best science class ever!" and the kids not wanting to stop for center time was just what I needed for my teacher's ego!

Something challenging that happened...both Malachi and Neila being so off. It pained me to send Malachi to his table for the rest of the day, but it had to be done...

A question I have this one bad day for Malachi sour his motivation for his behavior plan?

I wonder...if we'll all make it to 2:20 on Friday in one piece...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I learned...first graders can be such prolific poets! Something great that happened...seeing Malachi go all the way "Around the World" during math with Ms. demons together. Even better was seeing the class be so proud of Malachi too! Something challenging that happened...getting clawed, hard, by Bhavya When I told him a 12 point break was not an option. A question I have is...what caused Marty to get so upset when I asked him to not be so silly during the word wall word retirement test? I the kids will do next year when they go back to a regular math class format...

Monday, April 9, 2012


I learned...that a behavior plan is only as motivating as the child who it is for.

Something great that happened...when Jane said that in her eyes I have done more than a take-over week with all the days I have been flying solo.

Something challenging that happened...being unable to get the kids to line up and get ready to go outside for extra recess. Sheesh, we had been doing so well, too.

A question I have do we address/deal with the factor that half of Connor's stuff is Connor's stuff and half is Connor not wanting to do things on some days?

I the new computer sign up for choice time will work...

Friday, April 6, 2012


I learned...that Elaine is a visual learner and that our math centers are really unique and special. Something great that happened...having the math centers go so well today, smoother than I can even have imagined! Seething challenging that being a great week for his behavior and then have him hit Malachi with an hour left to go... A question I have is...Is it giving in to Bhavya by allowing him to not always wait for his turn like the other kids, how does he learn that it's part of life? I wonder...hiw much spring break fever we'll have to battle next week.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I learned...that more often than not, a child is really different at home than to in school!

Something great that happened...seeing Jane really support me and feel bad that I have to face Elaine alone tomorrow, it is also really great knowing that she has faith in my ability to manage it all!

Something challenging that happened...seeing Bhavya suddenly get so upset when Jane asked him, innocently, what had happened at the end of math.

A question I have is...will Bhavya always be like a shaken coke can waiting to be opened?

I wonder...if Elaine will have different thoughts after the math lesson tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I learned...that having a substitute is so helpful when I am dealing with Connor leaving the classroom at 8:10 am. Something great that happened...reading the amazing poems the kids wrote with Ms. Steinberg, I was blown away by their prose. Something challenging that happened...being so flustered so early in the morning, it was truly starting the day off n the wrong foot. A question I have is...why does Connor suddenly snap our of his funks at the same time everyday? I wonder...if Malachi's plan will begin to work for him and motivate him...

Monday, April 2, 2012


I learned...that first graders are amazingly tech-savy. I honestly didn't know they could use a back button!

Something great that happened...enjoying the new, quieter, lunch system with the kids. It went faster and was calmer than I could have imagined!

Something challenging that happened...playing a nearly hour long game of cat and mouse with Connor and having only an inkling of an idea of what was bothering him.

A question I have is...will I always feel slightly guilty when ratting out kids and their less than desired behavior to their parents?

I everyone will do with all the Plan B's tomorrow.