Monday, April 23, 2012


I learned...that even when it's pouring rain and a new moon, on the first day back from vacation doesn't mean it's going to be a wash out!

Something great that happened...having so much fun measuring the width of the classroom for some of the kids during math!

Something challenging that happened...seeing Connor get pretty upset over me asking him to leave Legos because he couldn't actually focus and use the legos correctly.

A question I have...will Malachi's new behavior plan help him feel less defeated?

I our shadow unit will go.

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  1. Hi Tamar! I too have a degree in Special Education. I am retired now after 28 years working with kids who 'learned differently'.
    I can feel your energy and curiosity about what you are doing. You must be a person with a lot of patience to work in this field. It will be so rewarding and it will be the 'little things' that will make you smile a lot.
    Good luck.
    Oh, don't you just LOVE Boston! It reminds me a bit of my city, Halifax. There are many close ties between these two cities.
    I like your 'post' style.....short clips of the day in class.