Friday, May 18, 2012


I learned...that only having 11 children makes for a calm and really nice Friday.

Something great that happened...seeing Shane, Jonathan, and Connor come up with such great words with a slightly challenging set of letters!

Something challenging that happened...Nicki going outside on her own to find Ms. Jackson and really having no clue what was wrong with that.

A question I losing choice time always a way to get a child to understand they really did something wrong?

I much learning will actually get done in the last 20 (!) days...

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  1. Our school district will not let the teachers take away choice time, but I think if you have tried other tactics and nothing has worked then go for it. By the time a child goes home, it is really too late for them to be punished. They have forgotten what they have done and as a parent have learned it is too late. The discipline needs to take place at school.