Friday, February 10, 2012


I learned...that some days are tough. Even after 100 days, some days are just, tough.

Something great that happened was...being able to use quarters to help Ava learn how to split 150 in half. I think she got it, really got it, better than if I had just told her.

Something challenging that happened was...feeling like I was a total failure today.

A question I have is...what am I doing wrong?

I wonder...if I really am competent - can I really manage a classroom...

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  1. I think every teacher feels this sometimes...ultimately we realize that we are more than competent -every time we have connected with one student is a good day, a reminder of why we do what we do...whether working with kids or adults. I remember when I was first starting to teach, that an elder teacher told me something like "if you have one students attention for five minutes out of a 45 minute class, you are doing great!" (that was the first year I taught 8th graders)...and once you start to believe in yourself more, the students will too, that is what I found to be true anyway. Hang in there Tamar. ONE student at a time, and soon you will feel a connection to 3, and then 5 and 10 and so on.