Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I learned...that in your eyes it may be a "small problem" but to your average six year old, someone being in their rug spot is a "big problem" - no matter how you try to tell them otherwise.

Something great that happened was...a great morning meeting, I felt like I held their attention, got my messages across and had them learning without them really realizing that they were.

Something challenging that happened was...dealing with Bhavya having several rigid moments today over seemingly "small problems" which he saw as "big problems."  Even more challenging was trying to work with him while Jane and Jen looked on, no pressure...

A question I have is...how do teachers do it all if they have no intern or aide or para? Two teachers in the room and we have 19 kids calling out names...I guess this is what Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar feel like all day every day...

I wonder about...how I can get it all done, classwork, lesson/teaching work, MTELs, and manage to eat, breathe, and sleep.

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