Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I learned...that when you tell 553 children to (practice) evacuating the school they will all fall silent and walk orderly out of the school, around the block, across a major road, and sit silently in a church. But ask them to walk to lunch, and you'll be lucky if two of them are facing forward and quiet.

Something great that happened was...I taught two whole class lessons, they went well, and Jane gave me positive feedback and excellent suggestions for the next time!

Something challenging that happened was...trying to begin using Bhavya's new behavior plan and figuring out the kinks and how to make it work best so that he is successful in his earning of rewards.

A question I have is...How long should one expect to wait to see if a behavior plan is making positive changes in a child's behavior?

I wonder well my student's really understood our lessons, did they just know it for the moment or really, really get it...

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