Saturday, October 1, 2011


I learned...that it's super hard to not just tell a student an answer and let them solve the problem themselves.  It may be clear to you, but it's not to them. Just try to explain the problem to them and help then see what you're seeing.

Something great that happened was...I successfully used the countdown timer and music to regain control of the class during the end of the day transition.  I could have lost my temper, but I was able to maintain my composer and keep the class focused.

Something challenging that happened was...trying to keep the kid's together and in line while at the same time deal with a student having a meltdown. I've never wished more that there were two of me, but there wasn't.

A question I have is...does the time teachers spent working with and assisting students with special needs, like Bhavya and Connor, help or hinder the rest of the class. Does it teach them how to work and exist with others or take away from their instruction time?

I wonder about...what it's like to be learning all this new information, so much math, and words, and rules, and more.

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