Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I learned...that before you can make any official decisions, like hiring an aid for a child, protocols need to be followed, like a behavior plan and time to see if those work. Then it can be determined if a free and appropriate education is being provided.

Something great that happened was...I spoke up, so to speak, and will begin doing morning meeting and teaching lessons in the coming weeks!

Something challenging that happened was...handling dismissal alone while Bhavya had a meltdown, Malachi's nanny wanted to know how his day was, Jonathan's mom wanted to know how his ELL class was, and Maya's mom wanted to check about my interview for class with her. It was though, but I managed to get is all accomplished without losing my cool in front of the parents.

A question I have do I gently make sure the children respect my authority as a teacher just as much as they respect Jane's?

I wonder about...why Malachi dislikes going to the learning center so much, does he realize it's to help him become a stronger student, or does he see it as a punishment.

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