Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I learned...even at age 6 children feel different and can get upset when they are pulled from the class for special instruction. It's amazing how early they learn they are "different" despite the fun that happens in the learning center.

Something great that happened was...I successfully transitioned the class from Center Time to cleaning up to the rug where I read them a story and then dismissed them for the day.

Something challenging that happened was...having to deal with Connor hiding from us and us having to search the kids. Then on top of it, his meltdown during lunch all while Bhavya was confused on what to do, Nico lost his lunch, and Jack needed his shoe tied! I needed 8 arms to manage it all!

A question I have do you help children see that going to the learning center is not a punishment, but a way to help them succeed? 

I wonder about...what goes through the mind of a child when they are fleeing, are they aware, are they scared, are they mad...

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