Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I learned...that you need to pick your battles. Even if a child isn't doing what the rest of the class is doing, it can be okay. If letting them be allows everyone to remain content and happy, than so be it. Save your struggles for times when they're crucial.

Something great that happened was...math became a universal language as Jonathan successfully and happily worked through his math work, counting in English, and with smile on his face and my face!

Something challenging that happened was...trying to not lose my voice, on the second day of school! Subsequently, trying to get through my first day of lunch duty, which included a lunch box mix-up with half a voice. But, I did, and only a few tears were shed.

A question I have is...When do you decide which battles you should pick and which you shouldn't? And how do you keep the student from thinking they can constantly be getting out of activities they don't enjoy, which is normal for all students, those with challenges and those without them.

I wonder about...what the students are thinking at various times of the day. Are they happy, content, curious, scared? There is always so much going through my head, what about theirs?

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