Friday, September 23, 2011


I learned...that the autumnal equinox falling on a dreary Friday, the day after field day, no less, is a cruel cruel thing to us teachers. At least there was no full moon!

Something great that happened was...I was able to a assessment with Jonathan. It was great to be able to perform the assessment and be confident in my ability to perform it properly!

Something challenging that happened was...keeping the kids calm and from "killing" each other on a dreary, autumnal equinox, Friday. And trying to not loose my own cool. 

A question I have students are able to learn in such a short academic day? Once you factor in lunch, recess, specials, and other breaks there isn't much time left...

I wonder about...the amazing ability for exercise and movement to help kids focus and calm down, it's amazing and a lifesaver!

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