Friday, September 9, 2011


I learned...that some kids have expiration dates. When they're "done" for the day they are "done." Apparently these expiration dates are earlier on Fridays.

Something great that happened was...the sun was out and the temps seasonal. Nothing like the first three days of school being rainy and cold to make the fourth day seem easy!

Something challenging that happened was...keeping children on task. Sometimes you want to staple them to their chairs,it's hard to feel like a broken record when you know you're trying to help them learn.

A question I have do you keep kids on task without sounding like broken record? How do you know if it's an attention issue or an inattention issue?

I wonder the rest of the year will unfold, will I be successful, will my students be successful, will we all learn and grow?

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  1. Hey you left me a comment on my Scavenger Hunt Sunday and I found you here. You sound so young and interesting. The "done" thing totally hits home. I have 3 kids in elementary school and it's true there is an expiration date, your lucky your students made it to friday. Those first couple of weeks are so grueling for everyone, parents included because after they are 'done' at school they then come home and are 'done' at home. Hang in there everyone will get acclimated and things will find a rhythm . :)