Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I learned...that my supervisors are on my side and want to really help me learn and really become the best teacher I can be and are there to help me deal with any issues that have arisen.

Something great that happened was...I had my first chance to read a story to the class and teach our "tip of the week." It felt great to have have control of the class for that time and really feel like the class was listening and respecting me.

Something challenging that happened was...trying to focus Connor in gym. It's a fine line with him in terms of helping get him back on task and not making him shut down and become defensive. It's still a struggle and a challenge for us all to learn how he works.

A question I have is...does the insane feeling of being overwhelmed by everything you need to do go away? It seems so intense, to learn the kids, establish the routine, do the assessments, etc etc.

I wonder about...are the students overwhelmed as well by the rules, and routines, and process of getting back in the groove? Are their heads spinning too?

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